Welcome to My Unconventional Creative Life!

I will be going by April and only April here. This will be a first names only kind of thing just to try and keep things somewhat anonymous. Now instead of just jumping right into my blog for my homepage I figured I better give everyone a little bit of a summary of what will be going on here :). This blog is a little different because I will be talking about, well, everything.

Your Ultimate Guide To Buying A Miter Saw

The key features that define a miter saw are the teeth, blade, tooth design and hook angle. As such, saws with a large number of teeth are preferable because they ensure that quality cuts are produced. Each tooth design impacts how the cut appears, therefore, every tooth should be shaped and arranged systematically. In addition to that, the blade, which is the most important part of the miter saw, should be perfect. After all, no cutting will be done if the blade does not function effectively.

Being Mom

Something I have been dealing with after my spouse came out as trans to family and friends is having my quality as a mother questioned. Some actually told me that I am a bad mother for having a trans spouse–or at least because I have not left Jen over it. Some actually think that I would be a better mother if I tore our family apart and left.

Winning the Game of Life

To be winning the game of life it is important to first know what is life all about.Life is that special divine energy which you are. Its mission is to conquer the physical universe.Take a minute to analyse what you are doing daily and you will realize that the entirety of your actions are aligned to be winning the game of life by associating yourself with the right players to be successful at it .

Who Should You Trust?

“Who should you trust” this is a question that has been haunting a lot of people. It has been a popular subject for philosophers. Should you trust your family members? Should you trust your spouse, your long time neighbors, the best friend (s) you have known since you where a kid? What is trust? Where does it come from? What is it made of? Lets look at the definition of the word.