Gastineau Glamour Jewelry Collection

  • Fashion icon Lisa Gastineau, first half of the glamorous mother-daughter duo of one of the very first hit reality television shows "Gastineau Girls", fuses her expertise of the industry and passion for jewelry with her daughter Brittny in their uptown chic meets downtown edge vibe.
  • Although native New Yorkers they have lived in Hollywood for a very long time.
  • As models and native New Yorkers and Hollywood trendsetters; fashion, jewelry, and style have always been central in the Gastineau's' lives.
  • Lisa has worked in the jewelry industry for over 15 years both as a buyer and owner of 2 New York boutiques along with her own mother.
  • Brittny is a fashion expert and correspondent for the hit TV show Extra! She is the daughter half of the hit show "Gastineau Girls"; Brittny has joined her mother, to launch Gastineau Glamour, an inspiring fine jewelry line that celebrates a woman's intuition, awareness and triumphs.
  • Brittny's jewelry expertise began as she worked in her mothers Hampton boutique; she inherited her mother's eye for ornament, and instinctually learned the ropes working side by side with Lisa.
  • Gastineau Glamour brings Hollywood influence into fine and fashion jewelry, where uptown chic meets downtown edge with a Hollywood influence