Winning the Game of Life

To be winning the game of life it is important to first know what is life all about.Life is that special divine energy which you are. Its mission is to conquer the physical universe.Take a minute to analyse what you are doing daily and you will realize that the entirety of your actions are aligned to be winning the game of life by associating yourself with the right players to be successful at it .

Being associated with the right individual and groups, you are guaranteeing yourself a future by getting what you need in different field of activities.It is not possible for you to live alone by yourself. You need to be associated or in communication with other people which are playing the same game; the game you want to play and the way you wan to play it.

Everyone wants to be winning the game of life. Some however have the wisdom and the understanding that because they can’t win by themselves, they associate their power to the one of other individuals having a similar moral code to achieve their goals and fulfill their ambitions.

Their is an old saying that goes : “Look who you hang around with and I will tell you…”

The above is an absolute fact.Look at what type of relationship you wish for yourself. What kind of marital partner, friends, associations. You would not want to be with someone that would not take care of your belongings, your hard earned money, neglecting your kids and partying with drunks a couple of time a week.You want someone with a similar moral code, similar ambitions. With the energy to fight to make your dreams come to reality.You do not want to be with someone who is contented with what you have as you are reading this post.

Why? Because at the exact moment that one stop dreaming and let go of his/her goals, they are “living deads”. These humanoids sit down, getting hypnotized in front of the TV and try to forget what they should be doing to get the life they want. At this point, they are no longer trying to be winning the game. They lost and try to accept it. They are getting busy at doing nothing valuable while their time is going by; waiting to die. Just look around and you will see a ton of people that are walking zombies. They abandoned their hopes and dreams…


You want to be with someone and groups that have decided not to adapt themselves to the environment but to conquer it to such a degree that they create the environment they want and need to be happy. Is it bad to be rich and have all the money and time necessary to enjoy life to the fullest?Absolutely not!I would even say that it is your duty.Your life is your life and there is no reason why you should not take full advantage of it to enjoy everything that would make you and your loved ones happy.

Get away from people that are trying to convince you that you should settle for what you have if what you have is not completely fulfilling you. They are insidiously and desperately working at having you abandon your dreams as they themselves did.If you think that you do not deserve to have a “dream life”, there is one very important thing that I know about you: You have been hanging around much too long with the wrong people. I did so myself but I was lucky enough to figure out the anatomy of the why. Who was really winning by me losing.

You will recognize the right people to hang around with by listening to what they talk about and the energy they have. Even the way they move.No time to lose!This life is mine and I want to savour every single minute of it being their attitude.You can very easily see these people everywhere. They are not part of the majority. This is why you can recognize them. They act and move different…When they go to the mall for example, it is to get something that they already know they need or want and they move fast to go get it. There’s something they want to do with it and they want to do it NOW! They are not wandering around, window shopping,  hoping or dreaming that one day their life is going to change, that they might get lucky and finally get this or that. NO! They walk fast and know exactly where they are going. They make their “luck”.

They understood that time is a commodity that God gave them to use to build a nice life for themselves and the people they cherish; winning the game. Being that way, they are respectful of that time God gave them.

Society being what it is now, it is a must to stay connected to rationality to be winning the game. Stupidity is everywhere around and even promoted. Less and less people are standing up for what they know to be right. They look the other way wishing not to see and foolishly thinking that by trying to not see it, it will not affect them.

How stupid is that?

The main characteristic needed to be winning the game is to take full responsibility on your life and be courageous enough to KEEP GOING UNTIL YOU SUCCEED.It starts with a decision.Live or die in the attempt.Living this way will have you be winning the game all the way even when you are not at the destination point yet.

Why? Because you are putting all your energy in achieving something you really want.You are living…So, you decide, you start and you do not stop. When the phantom of doubt comes and dirties your mind, get up and run faster.Invest your time reading about successful people, listening to tapes and DVDs.Doing so is so much more inspiring than watching a movie or a program on TV.

Each minute wasted is a minute that you could have enjoyed once being where you really want to be.If you can afford to wait, think about starting to do something to get what you really want, you are much richer than I am even if what you want is not material…There is nothing better I can wish for you than to be winning the game as this is the “real why” you are here for.