Who Should You Trust?

“Who should you trust” this is a question that has been haunting a lot of people. It has been a popular subject for philosophers. Should you trust your family members? Should you trust your spouse, your long time neighbors, the best friend (s) you have known since you where a kid? What is trust? Where does it come from? What is it made of? Lets look at the definition of the word.

a : assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something
b : one in which confidence is placed It is interesting to realize that in the definition of the word we find the word “‘truth”.

Effectively, the second someone distorts the facts and tries to cover up the real situation, you lose the trust you had in that person. If it is a someone you’ ve known for a while, it hurts. mmmm!  trust, truth, hurts. Some similarities in the composition of these words. Does it mean that they are related?

It hurts when someone doesn’t trust you enough to tell you the truth. It hurts when your trust has been betrayed. There can`t be trust without the truth, There is so many correlations with these 3 words in regards of the effects they create on human emotions. One morning, while I was taking my daily walk, I stopped and ask a man who was working at emptying the garbage can: “Hey Sir! Can I ask you a question?” Man: “Sure!” Me: “Ok! what is your name?” Man: “Reggie” Me: “Cool! Reggie, do you think most people are honest or do you think they are liars?” Reggie: “I think that most people are honest” Me: “Well! I understand what you say and I would like to think so myself however, I read somewhere that more than 50% of the population is cheating on their spouse. Now, if this is true and I am sure they are not telling their spouse, if more than 50% are able to lie to someone whom they promised to take care of in front of God,  my question to you then is: why would they be honest with you or me, complete strangers?”

Reggie looked at me with a big question mark and discomfort in his face. Oops that hurt! I felt that I might have profoundly shaken his belief that most people are honest. My intention was not to hurt the man and I could observe that I negatively affected him mentally. I was not going to leave him possibly having shattered his trust in Mankind. I concluded that people in general do not know. They do not know with certainty who they should trust and who they shouldn`t. This is why so many get hurt every minute of the day. Most would consider that one is not very social if he/she does not trust people and a fool if trusting everyone. Not a lot of them has the answer though. Before leaving Reggie I said: “Oh now I understand!  Most people are good people with good intentions for people around them but because they have been hurt themselves in the past and/or did things which they are not proud of and did not take responsibility of, they are not able to be totally open and truthfull with their peers.” OK! This makes sense. Thank you Reggie, have a great day! I saw Reggie feeling much better. His face changed from confusion to great satisfaction. He “knew” that people are good and honest…The Simple Answer to “Who Should You Trust”:I kept on walking and was analysing what had just happened. People are good but because of their wrong doings of the past, which keeps them in a position where they have to “hide”, they will not naturally be comfortable to be totally open, transparent and frank; truthfull. How can I live being happy and feeling secure became my main concern at this point. I had to compute everything so it made sense allowing me to be able to peacefully go on with my walk.

The simple answer to “who should you trust” is:  YOURSELF!

You know immediately when something is not right. You feel it!
So many people use this sensitive button to control others.A lot of dishonest people will talk saying : “Honestly I am telling ya…”, “Trust me…” These words being said over and over during their communication. Somewhere, somehow, sometimes its very deep inside and hard to detect but, WE KNOW. There is a multitude of reasons why we prefer to trust when we know we shouldn`t. (Later subject) I personally do not feel the need to enforce on people the fact that I am honest, truthful and sincere. I simply am. This is the reason why I do not have to repeat over and over that I am when talking with someone. Anyhow, I invite you to take a moment to make a similar analysis to the one I have been doing this last Wednesday morning when I met Reggie. You will find out that: You have always known. Each time that you have been “betrayed” you knew that you shouldn`t have gave your trust… It hurts because YOU betrayed yourself. You did so by “trusting” someone else because it was more comfortable or advantageous in the circumstances you were in. However, you knew it was not the right thing to do. This is amazing! When you are able to see why, when and how you betrayed yourself not being responsible about what you knew, the bad feeling and emotions related to the “betrayal coming from others” completely vanishes. There is not a lot of people that you have to be doubtful of and when you hear someone blaming others, understand what is there in front of you. Interesting isn`t it? Friend!

You know what you know. Take responsibility and ownership of your knowingness and be happy… To Conclude, Personally, one thing I know and I am sure of,  is that a lot of people are not satisfied with the life they have. They really would like to find something that could help them create the lifestyle they desire. Trust me! Trust me! Trust me! Trust me! Trust me!  I found something exceptional… Heard this one before? Seriously! I was fortunate enough to come across something that offers real solutions for people wanting to better their life financially