Types of Cheap Cooling Fans

If you're a fan of the cheap cooling fans then you're at the right place, for we have a list of super cool fans listed out for you. Let us guide you through all the best options available in the market and you choose the one that suits you the best.

Bladeless fans
As the name suggests these kinds of fans are bladeless and they don't contain any hidden invisible blades. It's the best option if you're worried about the safety of your kids. They act like a simple vacuum cleaner that sucks up the surrounding air from the base of the fan and blows out cooler air. Even though a little on the expensive side, the features they provide are unavoidable. It's a noiseless and smart-looking fan and hence the best option for office spaces and modern homes. They're also tech-savvy as they come with a pre-programmable timer and programmable thermostat.

Pedestal fans:
It hoards a stand and is an improvement over the tower fans. They stand tall and the height is adjustable, also they can oscillate and hence able to cool a larger space. These are able to blow a larger amount of air and more efficient when compared to a bladeless fan. You can carry them all around the house, place it as you like, turn them according to your convenience. Place a bowl of ice in front of them or place cool water and within minutes your room will get cooler. The only minus point would be that it occupies more space and is not safe for kids.

Ceiling fans:
These are the kind of fans that you see in every household which are attached to the ceiling and they function just like all the other fans that are used to circulate air around the house or rooms. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it occupies lesser space and if installed at the right place, they bring out an equal distribution of air. A wide variety of cheap ceiling fans are available with advanced features like remote control and LED kits.

Window fans:
At first, it sounds very unfamiliar but when you give it a thought you realize that it's being used for a long time as exhaust fans in your kitchens and bathrooms. These kinds of fans need to be attached to your wall or windows and it could be a little tedious job but they do a very efficient job of bringing in fresh air from outside and pushing out hot air from the inside of your living space. The rotation of the blades, the temperature and speed can be controlled by a provided remote. These are low-maintenance once installed and don't occupy much space. They're water resistant so you can put away all your worries about its functionality during the rainy season.

Tower fans:
These are similar to a pedestal fan except that they have a completely different working mechanism. It contains a hidden blade used to circulate air uniformly throughout the living space. They are very popular and environment-friendly because of its features like portability, air filtering, air ionizing and automatic time setting. They also contain a LED display feature which displays room temperature, the speed of the fan, oscillation degree etc. A wide range of tower fans are available in the market with contemporary designs and could give an aesthetic look to your house. Cleaning the fans could be a tedious job and also they're less powerful when compared to pedestal fans.