Feeling Beautiful Facial Masks

Over the years, especially in my twenties, I have gone a little face mask crazy. Let’s be real – I am practically obsessed, but I have seen the benefits of using a mask at least once a week. When I turned twenty I was all about protecting my skin; I cared about more than just the basic daily protection, I became interested in anti-aging products and masking.

Face masks (masques) are usually an overlooked beauty tool. However, if you shop at Walmart or Sephora there are entire beauty isles filled with different masking essentials. The key, no matter where you shop, is to find a mask that will benefit your skin type. Whether your skin is oily, dry, dehydrated, large pores, or age spots, the beauty world has you covered!

Here are a few of my favorite masks I currently use …

Freeman-Feeling Beautiful Avocado & Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask

This is a great mask! When you put it on it is mint green and makes you want to sit back relax, and sip cucumber water. It’s also cheap and does wonders! This mask is great for normal to combination. This Freeman mask will minimize pores, soften your skin, and leave it feeling squeaky clean.

First Aide Beauty- Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask

First Aide Beauty is something I came across earlier this year while looking around Sephora. The ladies that worked there said this is their favorite product line of all time and I have to agree with them, I LOVE it. This mask is quick, easy, light white, and keeps my face feeling hydrated for days! This oatmeal mask is ideal for normal to dry skin and helps reduce redness in your skin. I also use their moisturizer daily!

Kiehl’s- Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque

Kiehl’s is all in all a phenomenal line. The Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque is great for minimizing pores. With this mask your face will get warm and tingly and it will help minimize your pores.

Off topic I know, but I have to share a quick fun story about country hottie Keith Urban and the Kiehl’s store in NYC. My brother was shopping one day (clearly Kiehl’s is loved by all family members). Anyways, while shopping, my brother ran into Keith Urban in the store and Keith actually spoke with my momma on the phone! I mean how cool is that? He was so kind and gracious to her and how cool for my brother to be like, “excuse me can you speak to my country music-loving mother on the phone for a minute.” AWESOME.

Deep Sea Cosmetics-Hexalin Elasto Lift Thermal Mask

This is without a doubt the most relaxing/feel good mask I have ever used, you can literally feel it working. This mask will help minimize pores instantly and make your skin feel so soft. With this mask being a little more on the expensive side, I don’t use it often. However, this mask is phenomenal and will give you younger, healthier, tighter skin after a few applications.

Real Simple also has a great article on DIY- “Six Easy Homemade Facial Masks,” you should check out.