Cost to Install a Water Heater

Installation of the water heaters often requires professional help because the job is slightly technical. The cost to install a water heater largely depends on several factors- area, minimum wages, additional professional charges, purchase of tools and spare-parts, type of water heater and fuel type to name a few. Let’s find out how to calculate the cost to install a water heater.

Solar Water Heater
Cost to install a solar water heater is inclusive of the unit price and may come somewhere around $8,000-$10,000. However, please also note that if you go for solar water heaters you will also be eligible for 30% Federal tax credit. In order to check the eligibility please consult with the store or the manufacturer. The unit price also varies greatly, therefore, you are suggested to speak to the customer care department of the brand manufacturer and find out more on the installation charges. Additionally, you can speak to a certified local guy and show him the house and the location where you want to install the heater. He will inspect the house and the exterior and suggest you with an approximate cost.

Tankless Water Heater
Installing a tankless water heater may take as much as 10 hours or more and therefore, depending upon the local minimum hourly wages the charges can go higher. The cost also depends on the size and capacity of the tankless water heater. Range of capacity of gas fired tankless water heaters can be anywhere between 140,000 BTUs to 380,000 BTUs and a common household can easily do with 199,000 BTUs. Tankless water heaters are efficient, fast and save a lot of energy. The plumber may ask you to bring certain spare parts, such as a tankless gas connector kit, termination vent kit, lead-free brass valve sets and fittings with mounting hardware. In general cases, the installation cost along with the unit price come between $1,500 to $2,000 and in specific cases the cot may go upto $3000. Please note that the different areas have different labor charges, therefore, you are required to find out what is the minimum hourly wage you must bear for the job.

Tank Water Heater
Tank or conventional storage type water heaters are the most commonly found water heaters. The unit price is way cheaper than the other type of water heaters. The difference between tank and tankless water heaters are that the first stores hot water for suture use, and therefore, needs continuous power supply to keep the water warm. Installation cost of storage type water heaters is also less and require less time, only about 2-3 hours. 50 gallon storage type water heater unit with installation cost may come down to $600-$800. However, please also note that the storage type water heaters are actually expensive to maintain and it will eventually fatten the total cost towards electricity.

It is up to you which type of water heater you want to install to meet your requirements. Before purchasing one, please read tankless water heater reviews from experts and friends and colleagues to learn about the installation cost. Additionally, you can speak to different manufacturers and ask for expert opinion from 2-3 plumbers in your area and do not forget to negotiate.