"The point of life isn’t just to succeed, but to become a deeper, more integrated, mature person through your “struggles.” You allow the alchemy of your challenging journey to etch itself into your character, making you into a rich personality. Then whatever you do will have the quality of your experience; allowing it to blossom with life.~ Thomas J. Moore"

This blog is a documented journey of my experiences with life challenges and creating possibilities even in what seem like the bleakest moment in life. I am a life adventurer and treat each experience as an adventure to learn something and move forward. At times it seems very tough and I was lost, but each time, I manage to create breakthroughs. I can only look forward… Hence forth, this is also a space where other areas of personal development will be shared, it is a community for people looking to CREATE what’s new for their lives.

We Can Always Create the Life We Want

In the process of transforming my life, I learnt that WE CREATE THE LIFE WE WANT.

A journey could be blocked momentarily by a low in emotions, depression, setbacks, lack of money, poor health, battered relationships, etc, but we can always create something new out of the situation.

In this place, I share the different ways of how we can create a new life, with big dose of creativity, and most importantly, to develop that calmness, peace and sense of surety from within, that can shine through with all there is out there.

May we all find peace, happiness and FUN from within and share.